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Galaxy S9+ Cases, Screen Protectors, Skins & Covers

Galaxy S9+ Cases

BodyGuardz Ace Fly Case with Unequal® Technology for Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases, Screen Protectors, Covers, & Skins

The Galaxy S9+ packs all the power of the S9 in a larger format with 6GB of RAM and a 3,500 mAh battery. Its powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 supports download speeds of 1.2 gigabits per second. Future-oriented, the S9+ has a fingerprint scanner combined with iris and facial recognition. 

BodyGuardz® phone cases and screen protectors are the perfect companions for your new Galaxy S9+. Take advantage of innovative design and lightweight materials that represent the very best in advanced phone protection against everyday wear and tear. Choose from a wide array of screen protectors featuring aluminosilicate glass technology and cases constructed with Unequal® impact gel.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Protection -– FAQs

Q: How do I get bubbles out of my Galaxy S9+ screen protector?
A: Some bubbles are inevitable when installing your screen protector. You can use a credit card to work the bubbles out of each section slowly as you place the protector on your phone. There may be residual bubbles that will usually disappear within 24-48 hours.
Q: Will my Galaxy S9+ screen protector leave a sticky residue?
A: BodyGuardz screen protectors are professionally designed, high quality and water soluble to effectively keep your screen streak and residue free.
Q: Will my Galaxy S9+ screen protector move around after installation?
A: BodyGuardz screen protectors are specially designed to go on smooth and remain in place once applied.
Q: Where can I find installation instructions for my Galaxy S9+ screen protector?
A: Click here for detailed video installation instructions on your Galaxy S9+ screen protector.
Q: What materials are used in making products for my Galaxy S9+?
A: BodyGuardz products for the Galaxy S9+ are crafted with premium-quality materials. Our screen protectors use tempered aluminosilicate glass—designed to withstand scratches and nicks. Our cases are constructed with Unequal® impact gel, the same protective material used by pro athletes. The Ace Fly™ case, for example, is built using highly transparent TPU lined with Unequal.
Q: How does the Galaxy S9+ screen protector stick to my phone?
A: All BodyGuardz screen protectors use water-soluble adhesive to go on smooth and remain in place. Note that each of our screen protectors requires manual removal by the user.
Q: How do I find cases that best fit my Galaxy S9+?
A: To find the best fit, measure the dimensions of your Galaxy S9+ and match the case that works for your phone's size. As each BodyGuardz case has its own specific use, consider which design will best suit your needs.
Q: How do I clean my Galaxy S9+ phone case or screen protector?
A: To clean either the phone case or screen protector, use a dry towel, sprayed with a lens or monitor glass cleaner, and wipe dry.
Q: Where can I buy a phone case and screen protector for my Galaxy S9+?
A: You can purchase any Galaxy S9+ phone case and screen protector at Be sure to buy the best protection that will accommodate your preferences and lifestyle.
Q: What Galaxy S9+ phone case should I buy?
A: BodyGuardz offers several types of cases for the Galaxy S9+ based on your lifestyle. The BodyGuardz Trainr Pro™ case with an attachable armband, for example, was designed for long workouts. Or, choose the BodyGuardz Ace Fly™ case with its smart, sleek design that proudly shows off the natural color and look of your phone.
Q: What are the new features on the Galaxy S9+?
A: The S9+ features a Quad HD Super AMOLED screen with 18.5:9 resolution. It has subtle bezel detailing, smaller than its predecessors, and the topmost sensors are less visible. The S9+ comes with 6GB of RAM and supports Gigabit LTE, with peak download speeds of 1.2 gigabits per second. The S9+ also features a bigger battery of 3,500 mAh. In addition, the fingerprint scanner has been repositioned beneath the camera on the back. The S9+ also supports iris and facial recognition to unlock your device as well.