Apple iPhone Xs Max Cases, Clear Screen Protectors, Covers & Skins

iPhone Xs Max Cases, Screen Protectors, Skins & Covers

iPhone Xs Max Screen Protection (Protectors)

Apple iPhone Xs Max PRTX® Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector
Apple iPhone Xs Max PRTX® Privacy Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector
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Apple iPhone Xs Max BodyGuardz® Pure® 2 Edge Premium Glass Screen Protector

iPhone Xs Max Cases

The iPhone XS Max: Cases and Screen Protectors from BodyGuardz

So long as you like the larger size of the XS Max, you’ll find this phone has plenty of the bells and whistles of the latest iPhone models. The extra telephoto lens, Face ID, high contrast HDR display, and A12 Bionic Chip can still support today’s modern smartphone experience. Given the size and surgical-grade steel of this phone, it’s going to feel substantial in your hands. Nevertheless, like any phone, it’s vulnerable to cracked screens and bent frames.

Make sure your iPhone XS Max is protected. Get stylish cases and screen protectors with best-in-class phone protection from BodyGuardz. No matter the phone’s color finish or your daily smartphone habits, we have the perfect accessories for your iPhone XS Max.

Shopping for iPhone XS Max Cases and Screen Protectors

You may not be able to buy this iPhone from Apple anymore, but you can still find a high-quality product on the secondhand market at a great price. Take a small part of the savings from this budget-friendly phone and put it toward a premium phone case and screen protector.

Just because you’ve chosen this model for your next phone doesn’t mean you already know what case and screen protector you want. Need help choosing specific products from our collection? Check out our dedicated shopping pages for iPhone XS Max Cases and Screen Protectors to find the best phone protection for you and your phone.