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The replacement process was very quick and easy! This product is worth the expense and it was easy to put the new protector on.


Bodyguardz product is outstanding at protecting my phone and does a much better job than other screen protectors I've tried. Also the replacement offer is outstanding.


This is a great product. Went on my iPad easily, is invisible, does not effect thouch actions at all. I'd buy again!


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BodyGuardz Reviews

BodyGuardz is a top manufacturing brand for screen protectors, phone cases, mobile accessories, and smart home devices. We’ve made several products that have won awards for innovation. We have an industry-leading Member Advantage Program with product discounts, free screen protector replacements, and extended warranties for phone cases. We have screen protectors and phone cases for all smartphone brands and models. And we have Smart Life products that offer this same level of quality and innovation to personal home protection. But don’t take our word for it. Check out BodyGuardz reviews, and find out what the people who have already added our products to their phones and their homes have to say about us.

iPhone and Smartphone Cases Reviews

Reviews for iPhone and smartphone cases can help you understand what to expect from scratchproof, impact-resistant products. BodyGuardz phone cases show superior results in drop and stress tests, but personal testimonials are often an even better representation of real-world performance. After all, phone cases are the body armor for your smartphone. It starts with protection, but a case must also maintain full functionality of the phone’s features. Even minor defects and damage can quickly become annoying.

Photos make it easy to size up the visual appeal of phone cases online, but when it comes to long-lasting performance, you need to consider customer reviews. BodyGuardz is committed to offering the best phone cases on the market, and customer reviews are proof of our sustained success.

Screen Protector Reviews from BodyGuardz

Every screen protector claims to be shatterproof, but no product is truly indestructible. Along with product information and brand reputation, screen protector reviews are a great resource to help you separate the products that are likely to crack in the first week from those that will last the lifetime of your phone.

The best screen protectors do more than just protect your phone screen. They allow you to absorb more information with less eye strain and mental fatigue. Blemish-free, light-filtering screens offer a visual experience that is easy on the eyes. But it’s not just our screen protectors that offer a transparent view. We’ve collected our verified customer reviews and published them here, so you can see for yourself what others have to say about BodyGuardz screen protectors.

BodyGuardz Smart Home Reviews

From porch pirates to any number of emergency situations, BodyGuardz Smart Life products offer sensible and personalized home protection. Rather than agonizing over expensive home security systems and recurring fees for 24-hour monitoring services, rather than having a finicky system that goes off when you don’t want it to, get the home security features that matter most from BodyGuardz.
Our 5-in-1 Emergency Hub has emergency alert notifications, personal alarm siren, emergency FM radio, portable power pack, and night light/flashlight, so you’ll never be out of touch during an emergency. With our portable 360 and over-door security cameras, you’ll always be able to monitor your home and its surroundings.

Get to Know BodyGuardz and Leave a Review

BodyGuardz reviews are more than just proof that we provide the best phone and smart home accessories. They are also a way for us to listen to our customers and to find new ways of providing protection for a life worth living. Tell us about your experience with our products. And if you don’t already know who we are, take a minute to learn what BodyGuardz is all about. That way, you can stop worrying about how to choose your next screen protector, phone case, or smart home device.